Language Translation Services

CliniApps employs native translators for major languages across the world to offer the best possible solutions for translation needs across industries.

Pharmaceutical Translation and Medical Translation

CliniApps Translation is one of the only translation companies which invites industry experts to provide periodic training to all the translators.
Clinical Trials Documents
Clinical Protocols
Clinical, Toxicological, Pharmacological and Biological Information
Drug Registration and Documentation
In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD)
ICD (Informed Consent Document)
ICF (Informed Consent Form)
Manufacturing Process Description
Medical Regulations
Medical Questionnaires and Scales
Medical Devices: Manuals/Brochures/Software
Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)
Package Insert and Label
Product Label
Pharmacological Studies
Patient Information
Product Information Leaflet
Scientific Papers
Summary of Product Characteristics
Toxicology Reports
Validation Reports

Technical Translation

The technical translators receive periodic training by industry experts to keep them updated with the changing trends in businesses and technical terminologies.
Engineering Plan
Installation Manual
Marketing Materials
Multimedia Audio and Visuals
Owner’s Manual
Safety Manual
Training Material
Technical and Management Reports
Use Guide

Financial Translation

CliniApps Translation is one of the top translation companies in the world which provides certified translation services across multiple languages.
Annual Reports
Audit Reports
Financial Statement
Forecast and Projection Reports
Investment Reports
Land Documents
Shop Documents

Automotive Translation

CliniApps Translation employs an experienced team of professional technical translators, who can provide expert solutions for automotive translation requirements.CliniApps strives to provide the best in-class translation solutions for all automotive translation needs.

Web-site Translation

These days, many businesses function across multiple countries across the world. Different countries have different cultures and different languages are spoken by the people. To cater to people belonging to different cultures and speaking different languages, the businesses have to translate their websites into multiple languages. Although, there are online tools which can instantaneously translate the content on the websites, they are not as effective as website translation services. Cliniapps strives to provide the best in-class translation solutions for all website translation needs.

Software and IT Translation

The user interaction information in most computer software programs that most users use is displayed in English. However, to increase the revenues and to penetrate newer markets, the multinational companies have adopted the process of IT translation and localization of software packages. Many software packages these days are available with multiple language options, which include all the major languages across the world. IT translation and Software localization can help the IT and software companies penetrate unexplored markets and thus, raise their revenues. CliniApps Translation is a translation agency which specialize in IT translation Process.

Translation for Travel & Tourism Industry

The Travel & Tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more tourism companies and travel agents have started operating in multiple countries. Whenever a tourism company plans to poach the market in a new country, it needs to get all its travel and tourism information translated into the primary language of that country. Moreover, when tourism companies are offering travel packages in remote countries, they must also provide tourism translator and interpreter. Tourism interpreters ensure that the travellers and tourists have a smooth experience when visiting remote places. Hence, the requirement for the translation in the Travel & Tourism industry arises and grows with every passing day.

CliniApps Translation specializes in Travel & Tourism translation solutions. We employ an expert team of professional in-house translators who are proficient in at least two languages. We offer the services of professional in-house translators for all major languages across the world. Moreover, we also have a network of native language translators and interpreters who offer expert translation solutions in even the most uncommon languages.

Translation Services for Oil & Gas industries

Oil and Gas production industry is one of the most prominent industries in the Middle East and Russia. The Middle East is the largest producer and exporter of oil & gas across the world. Even Russia is a major producer and exporter of oil and gas. The oil & gas industry is one of the most important industries in the world as it satisfies the major fuel and energy requirement. Apart from coal, petroleum oil and gas are the largest sources of mineral energy in the world.

CliniApps offers professional translation services for the oil and gas industry, especially catering to the industry leaders in Russia and the Middle East. CliniApps employs a team of in-house technical translation experts who cater to the varied requirements of the oil and gas companies. The technical translators at CliniApps have several years of relevant experience providing translation services for oil and gas giants across multiple languages.

Translation Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. Most entertainment industries have started to expand across national boundaries to increase their revenues. Most entertainment magazines are being published in multiple nations in most major languages across the world. Even the entertainment media and entertainment guides are being published in all major languages across the world.

CliniApps Translation offers professional translation services for entertainment moguls across the world. We have an in-house team of entertainment translators, who are proficient with the language, vocabulary, and the terminologies used by the entertainment industry. Moreover, these are experienced translators who are also adept with the grammar and language structure in at least two languages. Hence, they can provide expert solutions for the translation requirements of entertainment industry.

E-learning content Translation

Whenever companies want to explore newer markets, they have to get their E-learning materials translated into the native languages of those markets. Even when E-learning portals and E-learning websites want to poach new markets, they must translate their E-learning material into the native languages of the markets which they want to poach. Even online learning sites which offer E-learning courses can poach newer markets by translating their learning material into the native languages of the new markets. E-learning material may comprise of written text, presentations, and audio-visual materials.

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